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You can order online. You will be asked to register with an email.
It should be very easy.
If you have any trouble with placing order, just let us know by email or live chat.

Simple Purchasing Steps:

Step 1: Register as a member for free.
Step 2: Login as a member
Step 3: Select your favor products from our list and add them into your shopping cart.
Step 4: When finish your online shopping, press [Continue]
Step 5: Parcel(s) weight and shipping fee to your destination will be automatically calculated.
Step 6: Follow the guideline to settle the payment.
Step 7: You can view all your orders in the member center.

(** As stocks level is changing every hour, there may have potentially 5% of goods not enough stocks. You can make payment after place order, then we'll prepare the goods for you and then send out. All the price and the part of shipping fee will be credited to your account balance for using in next order. Or, you can contact our CS to make sure about the stock status after place order, then you can make replacement.**)

Step 8: Tracking number will be sent to your email address when parcel is delivered. You may also instantly track the parcel status, by clicking the tracking no. at order tracking page.

Our discount policy:

Your discount rate depends on how much dollar (only item value counts), you have already spent on our website. 1 USD can get 1 point. The more you buy, the more discount you can enjoy.


Your discount rate depends on how much dollar of products, you have already spent onour website. 1 USD can get 1 point. The more you buy , the more discounts you can enjoy.

Discount for register members by points range

Member  RatingPoints  range  Price/Unit
Register  Member0  - 1000Shop  PriceShop  Price5%  off6%  off10%  off
VIP Dropship Member$500 prepayment5% off5% off5% off6% off10% off
VIP  Bronze Member1001  - 30005%  off6%  off6%  off8%  off10%  off
VIP  Silver Member3001  - 60008%  off8%  off8%  off10%  off15%  off
VIP  Gold Member6001+10%  off10%  off10%  off10%  off15%  off

Note: Accessories are not included in the total number of commodities. Whenever you purchase 1USD products, you'll get 1 point. (only item value counts)

How to get discount?


Method 1. For New customer

Step1. Register as a member of

Step2. Add more than 10 items in one order

Step3. Pay for your order and Get 5% off for products.

Method 2. For New customer or Dropship customer

Step1. Top up $500 or more to your prepayment account.  

Step2. Apply as a VIP dropshipping customer with our customer service.

Step3. Get more than 5% discount for products.

Now you can get the discount like VIP Dropship Member.

Method 3. For Old customer

Buy more products and get more points; then your Member level will be upgraded.

NOTE:Buy more and get more discounts

When will I get my points?

Answer: when we shipped your order, we will add points to your account.

 Payment Methods