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Affiliate Guideline

With the expansion of business, decided to start its new affiliate program. In essence, affiliate program is to promote and sell products for a merchant and get commission instead of salary from that merchant. It鈥檚 completely free and without any risks. If you love the items on and want to recommend it to more people, you can join us by registering an account on our site.

Some basic information about our affiliate program you鈥檇 like to know:

1) What is the affiliate program of

Our affiliate program is about making money from making recommendations. Affiliates, including a website owner, a forum administrator or moderator, a blogger etc, place our ads, text links, or product links and get a certain percentage of commission from each paid order. If you love our products and also want to recommend them to others, you can join us by registering an account on our site.

2) What are the steps to join the affiliate program?

A. Register as a member for free.

B. Login to Member Center

C. Click My Affiliate in the left menu,then you can see your ID number in the affiliation code.

D.Change our link to your affiliate link. Just add 鈥?in_code=XXXXXX鈥 to the end of our link. XXXXXX means your unique ID number. Examples (if your ID number is 101376)

Our link
Affiliate  link

E. Post recommendation link on your website , BBS or blog.You can recommend our site,a catalogue, a certain product, even the articles on our site.As long as your visitors click the links and make an order sucessfully.You will get commission.

To make sure, you can check the affiliate link by yourself. After you paste the link or ads, click and see whether the URL has include in_code=XXXXXX鈥. XXXXXX means your unique ID number.

3) How can I get commission?

 Commission will be calculated by our system automatically when someone clicks the affiliate link or ads. The commission rate now is 8%-23% of each paid order, excluding shipping fee. You can use commission to buy items on our site, or you can ask for withdraw when commission reaches $  will transfer commission to your Paypal account in 2 working days. Applicants need to pay the transfer fee(about 3.9% +0.5 USD for each transfer)

4)Where can I check the commission details?

 A:login to your account on our site

 B.Click My Affiliate in the left menu. Then you can see the detail information as below.


We are looking forward to your participation. Your support will be of great help to the development of

Any questions, please feel free to contact We will get back to you in1  business days.